5 Tips for Designing Your Backyard Deck

Backyard deck design Niagara & St Catharines

Designing the perfect backyard deck can be both tedious and worrisome. A poorly designed deck can negatively impact the overall style of a house. Deciding the right height of the deck, materials to use and the best creative design is just the very beginning of the design process. Just choosing a material for the deck can be a challenge because of the wide range of options available. Whether a homeowner is building a wooden or composite deck , here are five tips for making the process easier.

1. Choose a material
Choosing the materials to build the deck with is the very first step in designing it because different styles of decks can only be made out of certain materials. Also, the durability of the deck has a lot to do with the materials it’s made from. Choosing to design a wood deck means that maintenance will need to be done every few years to keep it in the best shape possible. However, to avoid maintenance and ensure durability, using materials like aluminum and steel to design the deck is the better option.

Researching the materials that can be used to design a deck is crucial. For example, if it’s decided that the deck will be a wooden deck, a few of the different woods that can be used are:

  • Cedar Wood
  • Redwood
  • Exotic Hardwoods

2. Style and Size
After a material has been chosen, the next step in designing a backyard deck is deciding on the best design style and shape. This step is personal to the owner of the house and will require a creative mindset for what style of deck will suit the house the best. Many experts say to make sure the deck is no more than 20% of the house’s square footage. This is a good rule to keep in mind when the size of the deck is being decided. Researching different deck styles can help generate ideas about what options are available.

3. Design A Nice View
Designing a deck to include a nice view is a high priority for many people because it will make the deck a more inviting place to be. Designing a beautiful view from a deck will naturally attract others to use it. Be sure to remove any large railings or obstructions from the deck during the design process to ensure the best views possible.

4. Create A Lifestyle Deck
Making sure a deck matches the owner’s lifestyle is important. If the homeowner commonly throws parties and has many people over, a deck that can hold many people should be designed. If it’s more for personal use, making sure the deck includes features that will make it comfortable for the specific residents is best. The deck should match the lifestyle of the homeowner.

5. Perform Maintenance
The final tip in designing a deck for the backyard is making sure it can be maintained. Maintenance includes performing regular inspections, cleanings and stealing. It’s crucial to maintain the deck because it is an extension of the house. Be sure to design the deck so it can be conveniently maintained.


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