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Total Basement Waterproofing

Never worry or deal with leaks or floods again with total basement waterproofing protection

Basement Wall Crack Repair

Is your basement wall cracked and causing damages or issues? Call us to get it fixed today

Basement Renovation & Refinishing

Looking to fix up your dark basement? Let us complete your refinishing and renovation project to your highest standards

Safe And Clean Every Time, Guaranteed.

Our team of friendly contractors treat your home with total respect, just like it was our own.

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Finished Waterproofed Basement

Waterproofing Done Right The First Time

The number one aim of our expert basement waterproofing remains easy: to keep your basement dry by removing basement water troubles. Don’t expose your own family to the many health dangers because of a wet basement that may have harmful consequences for your loved ones.

Thanks to our cutting edge-fine basement waterproofing offerings and always exceeding buyer expectations, Niagara Home Reno’s knowledgeable basement waterproofing contractors will efficiently water-proof your basement. Our expert and demonstrated waterproofing service will leave you and your relatives with the piece of mind that incorporates having a secure and dry basement.

Whether or not you’re confronted with a mildew trouble, water leak, foundation crack, business water hassle, crawl area or just a water presence in your basement, our well-priced basement waterproofing machine blended with and our expert group of local contractors will get the activity done – on time and on the budget!

Get Your Basement Back!

Thanks to our professional basement waterproofing services, basements and crawlspaces are now not affected by your moisture challenges of the past.

Now, there may be an assured way to stop water from invading your foundation, which maintains your family’s wellbeing and ensures your investment is covered.

With Niagara Home Renos, you are free to envision a games room, guest suite, home theater and more, without questioning whether the air is breathable.

Creating livable places, increasing the resale price, and saving you from mold and mold restoration.

Allow us to check your basement and crawlspace issues, and we are able to show you a healthy new room you never knew you had.

Finished Waterproofed Job in Niagara
Basement wall crack repair in St Catharines

Expert Basement Wall Crack Repair!

Has your property sustained damage due to basement wall crack formation? Are you seeing noticeable cracks in your walls that have you concerned?

Water often leaks into basements through cracks in the basement walls or through poorly sealed wall penetrations.

We can fix a both these concerns for you! We are experts in repairing St Catharines’ and Niagara’s basement wall cracks with epoxy based sealant injection or waterproof wall panel installation.

Don’t be afraid to ask us for helping in repairing small cracks in your basement to prevent these spots from deteriorating further and admitting water leaks in the future.

Renovated basement after water damage St Catharines

Customer Testimonial:

My basement was basically ruined after my sump pump failed during a major storm this summer. I called a few different contractors and the guys from Niagara Home Renos were the first ones to get back to me! They came out, assessed the damage, gave me a reasonable quote and delivered! My basement looks even better now than it did before!!

– Timothy R.

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