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There are all sorts of hardscape options these days that can make outdoor spaces look and feel a lot more comfortable and pleasant. If you’re interested in getting a mulit-level deck (multi-level), wooden deck or anything else along those lines in welcoming St. Catharines in Ontario, all you have to do is drop us a line here at Niagara Home Remos. Some of the specialties that are accessible on our vast menu are:

  • Customized deck design
  • Wooden deck construction
  • Resealing and cleaning
  • Repair service for decks and porches
  • Composite deck construction
  • Vinyl deck construction

If you’re waiting for composite decking aficionados in the area, our company won’t disappoint you. We accommodate local homeowners who are eager to move forward with new porch and deck construction projects of all varieties.

Niagara custom deck builder

Custom Deck Builders

Deck installation can be a wonderful thing for you for a number of reasons that make full sense. If you hire us for deck design, construction and installation assistance, then you can take advantage of all sorts of perks. Decks can provide you with invaluable entertaining space at home. If you adore hosting social gatherings, then getting a deck may be able to give you a brand new lease on life. Decks aren’t just helpful for people who are keen on throwing parties. That’s because they can be equally helpful to folks who want to secure spare storage room at home. If you want to be able to store recreational equipment, exercise gear, gardening supplies or anything else similar, then installing a deck can help you significantly.

Decks can make your home look and feel a lot bigger. That’s how they can also help strengthen curb appeal. If you live in a home that has superior curb appeal, then that may quickly pave the way for superior value. If you install a deck, then it may make selling your residential property go a lot more swiftly in the future.

Getting a deck can do a lot for the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Decks these days come in all kinds of striking, contemporary and fresh colors, patterns and designs. If you want to invest in a hardscape that can complement the vibe of your home flawlessly, then deck installation may be right up your alley.

Upgrade Your Porch

We’re not just a company that concentrates on deck installation and similar subjects. That’s because the construction and installation of porches is just as big a topic for our team members. Installing a sturdy porch can do so much for your outdoor property. Since porches these days are available in all kinds of lovely colors and designs, they can complement residential properties of all sizes and varieties. If you want to accentuate the vibe of your sleek home, constructing a powerful hardscape may help you considerably.

If you invest in the construction and installation of porches, it can strengthen your residential property’s resale value considerably. Don’t forget that porches are often prominently on display in the fronts of homes. If you want to give your home a substantial curb appeal boost, then you can’t go wrong with the addition of a wondrous and dependable deck.

Porches can make amazing gathering spots for people. If you want to be able to relish nature without having to actually hang out outdoors, the installation of one of these hardscapes can help you greatly. People can hang out on porches with their neighbors, family members and pals. They can even take leisurely naps on them as they wish.

It isn’t unheard of at all for people to use porches for relatively minor storage requirements. If you’re looking to safeguard a couple of recreational activity equipment pieces, then building and installing this kind of shelter may work well. Since porches can be helpful for storage applications, they can be optimal for people who want to take care of substantial amounts of residential clutter. If you want to live in a home that defines neatness, then looking into porches may be wise.

Backyard porch niagara
Composite decking st catharines

Maintenance-free Composite Decking

There are all sorts of boons that are connected to standard decks and porches. If you’re curious about the universe of decking specifically, then it may help you to zero in on the composite sector. Composite decks are known to be incredibly resilient. They’re not vulnerable to problems such as mold development, scraping, staining, discoloration and fading. These decks aren’t at all prone to decaying, deterioration and splitting. They’re not even vulnerable to infestations that are brought on by pests. If you don’t want to have to deal with annoying insects of all kinds, composite decks may be able to transform your existence. These decks can be suitable for households that have small pets and children alike.

These decks have the ability to stand the test of time. If you care for them properly, they can remain intact and strong for upward of three full decades.

Customer Testimonial:

I called Niagara Home Renos for my new deck last year and I couldn’t be happier! I had a lot of ideas and they helped me sort through which options made sense and fit with my budget and the deck they built for me is amazing! I love having friends over for drinks and a BBQ on my new deck!

– Sandra F.

Backyard deck st catharines

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