Fun Ideas for Your Basement Renovation!

Niagara Basement home theatre

If you have ever thought about renovating your home, chances are that your basement never made it on your list of ideas for a remodel. The main reason is due to their location and the fact that they never get as much attention as say, your kitchen or bathroom. Not only that, but they have the reputation of being a place that is dark and cold. Outside of that, it’s a great place for storage. But, if you do decide to add it to your renovation list, it can easily be transformed into a man cave, lounge, a second kitchen, or a second living room.

Besides these ideas, we also have a few more that you can easily consider which we have listed below.

Making Your Basement a lot Brighter

This can be accomplished in two ways, first, by using color and the second by using light. When you use a color you need to remember that it will have bricks or cement blocks that could make space a lot darker than intended. To overcome this you can easily use colors like greys or a nice beige color that is able to brighten things up.

The second way, besides having bright colors to lighten everything, is to implement as much light as possible. This doesn’t mean to just place one light bulb in one place and call it good. It means to spread out your sources for light. When you do this you are making the area’s overall feel a lot lighter and better. If desired, you can utilize light sources known as task lights or pot lights along with the existing ambient light so that every corner can be brighter.

basement kid's playroom in Niagara

Create a Children’s Playroom

Every parent loves making their children happy and nothing can be more thrilling than to see that they have their own playroom to get lost in. Make sure that you sparingly use any bright colors so an illusion can be created that reflects a space that is neat, clean and has plenty of openness. In order to provide much more play space, clutter needs to be minimal by keeping unnecessary furniture out of the area. Maintain as much space as possible by creating storage areas that are built-in. This way, your children’s toys can be easily stored as well as where your kids can learn organization skills as they pick up after themselves.

Keep in mind though, while this space gets turned into a kid’s playroom, it is still considered to be an area where dampness might be present. To help combat this, it is best to utilize appropriate materials. This means it would be best to incorporate a ceramic floor tile that is able to withstand moisture.

Create a Separate Apartment

Creating an apartment in the lower half of a home is a great way to invest in extra space. It can be very advantageous and a great way to earn extra income as you rent it out to individuals who are looking for their own place to live. Your main focus is to use appliances and furnishings designed to save space. These include using hide-a-way beds and toilets mounted on the wall. You want to also ensure a comfortable environment. For the flooring, your best bet will be carpeting throughout or even a few area rugs. Ensure it is thoroughly insulated and materials won’t easily breakdown shortly after getting wet. Ensure that artificial light will be plentiful. Also, keep in mind to invest in easy to clean furnishings to ensure that wear and tear will be kept to a minimum while being repeatedly rented out.

St Catharines basement home office

Create a Home Office worth Bragging About

Everyone dreams of having a home office and if your job allows you to work remotely, then a home office will be to your advantage. An idea of a home office can easily become a reality. Not only does it make sense, but it is also a productive and very practical way for households to maintain a quiet area that otherwise would have many distractions.

Creating a home office also has the same potential as if you were at a normal office. The main feature to achieve a similar effect of a work office would be to make your basement sound-proof. Even though it is known as a quiet area, space can still receive unwanted noise coming from above. Check to ensure that your office door is soundproof too.

Create a Guest Room like No Other

You can transform your extra space into a guest room like no other. This is possible even if there’s not a lot of space to work with because if they know that you went the extra mile then they will feel as if they never left home. Just by adding white walls and more than enough light, you will make a lasting impression that will spill a warm and rustic feel. To pull it off, make sure to use elements that have natural looks on furnishings like the nightstand, and headboard. If you prefer colors that are other than white, you can easily apply various shades or pastels like ivory or off-white.

Create a Personalized Home Theater

Having an extra space can give you exciting ideas of what to turn it into. The most exciting idea that an entire family could probably agree on is a home theatre. When you turn a cozy area into space where the entire family can enjoy, you open up many opportunities for family enjoyment. Whether it’s to enjoy a family movie night or look back at old family videos, the time shared together will allow many more memories to be created. With most ceilings traditionally low, this can easily add to space’s warmth as all theatres portray. When you make the choice to have a home theatre added, you are giving yourself the best advantage as the location is ideal to maintain a dark and quiet environment. But, if you can’t get away with strict silence, i.e. the furnace kicks in, then you might want to make sure that adjustments are made prior to your feature film.

If you’re looking for a contractor to renovate your basement, give us a call! We’d love to help you out with a free estimate on your next design project!
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